Clearing the Bedroom Clutter

October 08 , 2017 Tanya Lea

We all wish that ‘Tinker Bell’ would come along and wave her magic wand and it would be gone! ‘Go clutter go, be gone and never return!’… yeh right! Clutter is one of those things that creeps up on us, all of a sudden there’s a pile here and a pile there. Like those extra kgs, it just appears! The reality check we all need is, like weight loss, it takes time and effort. So once you have decided it’s time to clear the clutter, block is some time into the diary and get someone onboard to help. Here’s some tips to get you started…


If you are knee deep in clutter, first tip, don’t get overwhelmed (l know it’s hard). Literally look at one thing at a time and sort into categories… don’t decide whether you want to keep it yet… just sort into piles, e.g. paperwork, clothes, stationery, newspapers etc.

2. Toss it or keep it?

Once you have sorted everything into categories, go through each category and ask these questions. Is it useful to me? Do l love it? Is the answer no and no… well get rid of it! Decide whether you want to give it to charity, throw or sell it. Last question… Are you really going to sell it? Or will it just sit there and collect dust!

3. Clean surfaces

Clean all of the surfaces where the piles had been sitting, so you have nice clean, clear surfaces.

4. Find a home

Now we need to find homes for all of your remaining items… and no, they don’t go back in a pile! Look at each item and ask… what would be a logical spot to store it? E.g. Newspapers to read… l store mine in a basket next to my arm chair in the lounge; paperwork/bills to pay… l pop those in my inbox; stationery… l have a drawer in my office with stationery supplies and a pen holder in the kitchen for easy access. Starting to get the picture? Find logical spots, don’t just chuck it in the closest drawer!

5. Label it

I label storage areas around my home to help keep it organised, e.g. If my partner is putting the stationery away, he puts it in the right drawer! Then there’s no excuses for being messy and putting things where they don’t go. You obviously don’t need to label everything, e.g. the newspaper basket (that’s pretty obvious!) but just drawers, storage boxes etc. It just helps keep things in check.

Happy organising!

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