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October 22 , 2017 Tanya Lea

Let me introduce you… meet Steph and family doggie Gertie! Steph lives in Ballarat, Victoria with husband Hayden, five kids (William, Georgia, Edward, Charlotte and Bella), five chooks and of course Gertie! Not only does she work as an Interior Stylist for her business Styling Made Simple, but also at local homeware store Wen and Ware. She leads a pretty busy life, so l wanted to know how she does it all…

Steph, you are a working mum with five kids. How do you manage it all?

It’s all about being organised and keeping on top of the jobs. If l didn’t get to the dishes before school drop off, l will race home and do it before the next job.

Baking puddings for Christmas gifts, great idea! Do you wake up early to make time for all you need to do?

I do wake up pretty early but it’s more about learning to be flexible… you can not think it is going to be perfect every day. My life is about flexibility. Some days are really productive, it runs really smoothly and some days not. I have learnt now to be OK with the not so perfect day.

How do you keep on top of chores like the clothes washing and folding?

It’s about having a few systems in place. I was telling a friend the other day… l only have one washing basket. I don’t have a lights and l don’t have a darks. One colour is in the basket and the other sits in the washing machine until it’s full. It makes washing so much easier. l’m pretty pedantic with clothes folding. I find if l fold and hang all the clothes straight off the line it cuts out the need to iron everything! Because l have a large family l just have too. Sometimes l do two loads a day. Sometimes the kids help me which is great.

The kids’ bedrooms are lovely. Do you get them to tidy up? 

A bit of both. I think we all live under the same roof and everyone should get involved and help when it’s needed.

Do you declutter regularly and do you find it a challenge?

I do declutter but l have to be in the mood. I had a great day decluttering the kids’ clothes the other day. I just decided to move a lot of it on as fashions change with kids clothes and the gap from one child to the next is big, so best to go to charity. I think as you get older you become more giving. The other day l collected three bags of clothes for charity and felt good about it. If l can’t part with something l put it in an old suitcase l have. If it’s still there in 12 month it has got to go!

What about getting the kids organised and out the door each morning? Any tips?

I make sure l put in the prep time and get organised the night before. I get the kids’ lunch boxes out, pop their snacks in and make sandwiches in the morning. I’m at a different stage now the kids are a little older. They get dressed themselves but they occasionally need a little move on!

How do you keep spaces like your dining room toy and clutter free?

We have designated areas for different things… playroom is for toys. When we moved into the house we created the boundaries and told the kids the dining and sitting rooms were for the adults and not for all the toys! We are lucky to have the outdoor playroom… which can be a relaxed play area for the kids. They can make a mess and l don’t have to look at it!

Any other good ideas or advice for keeping your home organised?

Yes, l have a few good storage baskets and boxes for keeping things that we use all the time, like the sports gear. That’s in a big basket next to the door, so it’s easy for the kids to access as they go outside. In the living space the kids have a storage box each on the book shelf to put their things. That way it keeps the space clutter-free. I also love hooks for hanging up all the bags, hats and coats.

Advice… l guess l just make sure l keep on top of the jobs, always doing a bit of prep! But at the end of the day everyone is different and what works for them is different to what works for me. I would say listen to how other people do things and take on the advice that works for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Lastly and most importantly, do you get any ‘me time’ in your day?

Exercising is my time out. This morning l did a 5.45 class, day before a run at 6am. So l’m up early to make sure l have that time for me!

Thanks so much Steph for your time and sharing your organising ideas with us!

Happy organising!

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