How To Organise The Kids’ Playroom

October 09 , 2017 Tanya Lea

Decluttering a kids’ playroom can seem overwhelming at the best of times! But there’s a couple of things you can do to make the process easier. Here are some tips and steps to keep in mind when tackling the playroom!


1. Start small I suggest starting small and on something easy. If decluttering the soft toys is emotional for you, start with something else.
2. Overwhelmed? – Keep clear about how you want the end result to look. When you are feeling overwhelmed, remind yourself of that vision!
3. Decision making – If you are finding it hard to make decisions, ask yourself… Is this item still useful? Do they still need it? Do they love it?


SORT: Start by sorting toys, one area at a time. I always like to start with anything on surfaces, e.g. floor, table top, etc. Sort items into categories, e.g. Lego together, animals together, etc. Don’t declutter yet! Just sort.

REMOVE: Once you have sorted the whole room remove any items that should be stored elsewhere, e.g. clothes to laundry, etc.

DECLUTTER: Now it’s time to declutter toys that are no longer used. Separate into 3 piles… toys for: charity, to sell, to give to family or friends.

SEPARATE: If your kids have lots of toys, l suggest setting up a ‘toy rotation’ system. By ‘toy rotation’ l simply mean storing 50% of toys and rotating them every couple of months. This will keep the kids interested and the room will be easier to keep organised! You will need a couple of storage tubs for this. Store 50% of toys and label tubs with the date.

STORE: Store, out of reach, toys that need parental supervision… craft, etc.

KEEPSAKE: Store any toys that you would like to keep for memorabilia. Store in a separate storage tub and label.

CLEAN:  Now it’s time to clean the space… wipe down all surfaces.

ORGANISE – Put away all remaining toys, keeping ‘like’ items together, e.g. soft toys together, dinosaurs together, etc. I suggest separating into separate storage tubs and labelling. You can then teach kids to put away their own toys. Finish up with a good vacuum.

Happy organising!

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