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October 02 , 2017 Tanya Lea

Nestled in a green leafy street of Brisbane, you will find a gorgeous Queenslander, home to a dear friend of mine. Lucky for us she agreed to open her doors to show us that being ‘decluttered and organised’ doesn’t have to mean sparse and souless. That in fact you can have all your special treasures on show and still have your home in order.

As soon as you walk into the light filled entrance you feel relaxed. It makes you want to kick off your shoes and call it home.

Even though each room is filled with books, magazines and lots of special treasures it feels far from cluttered. Each book, each magazine, each item, has been given a home in an organised, thoughtful way.

The storage pieces have also been considered…

Reusing old glass jars and jugs to house essentials as well as vintage storage pieces, giving them new life. And don’t think you will find clutter when you open the cupboards and drawers! Nope, you will only find organised, thoughtfully placed items, making it a joy to look inside.

As l walk from room to room l realise real thought and consideration has gone into each area of the home. Even behind the bedroom door is organised. Here l find her special necklaces hanging and in order. I think this would make getting ready in the morning a joy!

Feeling inspired, l head home to reorganise my accessories!

I hope you enjoyed the home tour and it made you feel inspired too.

Happy organising!

Photography by Declutterhome.

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