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Declutterhome is a lifestyle blog written by Professional Organiser, Tanya Lea. Tanya writes about her favourite topic, organising and decluttering. It features ideas on how to organise each room of your home, office and life, plus many more organising tips, tricks and ideas. Tanya loves to share her favourite product ideas too, which can help get your space sorted. Recently the blog layout has been updated and will soon feature a ‘shop’ and ‘magazine’ page.

Tanya began her career as a Graphic Designer and later as an Art Director, in Melbourne, Australia. She enjoys using those skills when designing her blog for Declutterhome and soon to launch Declutterhome Magazine. There are many exciting plans for Delutterhome, including Tanya offering a personal one-on-one service to getting your home organised.

Rebecca Adler, Photographer

For as long as she can remember Rebecca has had a love of photography, inherited from her Dad, along with his hand-me-down cameras. She spent many hours tinkering in the darkroom in her teens but chose to pursue a career in her other passion – psychology. Particularly since having her daughter in 2013 she has made her photography ‘hobby’ more of a ‘habit’, and focused on technical skill development and creative exploration. She lives with her husband (also a psychologist), their daughter and their big orange dog in Ballarat, Victoria.


" Declutterhome saved me! Armed with my favourite cafe latte Tanya arrived and swiftly began to reinstate order and clear the mess… and there was a lot! ... As a freelance fashion stylist, I found myself in a rut when it came to storing all my accessories, shoes, clothes and bits and pieces. Tanya turned my very messy garage into the perfect studio, complete with wall to wall shelving and labelled storage compartments… now I know exactly what I have and it all has a home. Declutterhome is the best and Tanya is absolutely fabulous… now my car needs her help. " Read more

Bec Cole



" Tanya made such a difference to our space, for both partner and myself. She turned a house into a home and a bedroom into a sanctuary in just a few short hours! ... And managed to do it all in keeping with how we both operate and like to live. Just amazing. " Read more


Port Melbourne

" I am an organised person… but I also collect a lot of articles, magazines, books etc. and there is only so much space in my office. ... The new storage and filing systems that Tanya put in place were absolutely fantastic, really practical. I now feel more in control of my work environment. It was so successful that I got Tanya to declutter my home, wardrobe and garden shed. She even loaded up her car and took the unwanted goods to the Salvos! Declutterhome is a one stop, very professional, service that I would highly recommend. " Read more



" Liz: “Tanya helped us grow up as a family. Eleven years, 2 children and a divorce meant we weren’t using our space properly, and let’s face it – we had A LOT OF STUFF. ... The brief was definitely one with the lot. Set up separate bedrooms for the kids, who had reached their room sharing expiry date, downsize my home office, spring clean the kitchen and the back yard… well let’s not mention that, needless to say Tanya proved she can handle ANYTHING. She generally sorted us out, and took away all the evidence to boot. Tanya was meticulous in identifying our needs as a family, listening to the kids, and not just what I thought they needed in a bedroom, really taking the time to get to know what made them, as individuals, tick. Her commitment to the task made the daunting road ahead a breeze. Tashi: “My room is more clean, there are no boys, and no boy toys. I love my art desk and that there is more space. My bedroom is quiet and peaceful. Thank you very much.” Jamaal: “Tanya really changed our house. I actually have a room now, and there is no mess at all anymore. " Read more

Liz, Jamaal & Tashi



" Something l had always talked about doing. Something l had wanted to do for a long time. Did not know where to start. Felt embarrassed at the initial visit and for the first hour or so and then thought no this is going to be good ... It was even better than l thought. I am happy to invite people back into my home again. It was sensational and l am so grateful to Tanya and Declutterhome for the difference they have made in my abode. " Read more




" Declutterhome was like a breath of fresh air, they not only organised a very cluttered area but created a space that l wanted to be in. ... Our study over the years had became a dumping ground for all sorts of things (filing, books, design samples, cables, hobbies and even tools from the shed crept in!), it was the only room in the house I didn’t want guests to see. I used this room to do creative freelance work and with it being so cluttered I didn’t enjoy spending time there at all. It felt so overwhelming. Tanya from ‘Declutterhome’ came in and made an initial assessment of the room, where we discussed what I wanted the space to become and briefly reviewed the areas and items within the room. Once I approved the recommended plan of action and suggested storage solutions – we were underway. Tanya came back a week later and did everything! She sorted, cleaned, filed and labelled everything. She even had special items framed for me and took dis-used items to the op-shop. Nothing was thrown out without my approval and overall I couldn’t have been happier. I love being in my new space, I can find everything easily and love having a few special items on display to enjoy. Thanks ‘Declutterhome! " Read more

Natalie & Gavin

Forest Hill


" Declutterhome has been a true life saver on so many levels. Tanya has a clear and realistic understanding of the day to day living pressures of busy family life and all the stuff that goes with it. ... Our house has never been so organised and I’ll definitely be having the team at Declutterhome back on an annual basis to keep us in check. I love the personal service and sourcing service for storage requirements. The whole process was incredibly easy and pain free. I’m already looking at dates for my next session! " Read more

Paige & Harry




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